Tips For Choosing Curtains For Bathing

An inappropriate space under the bathroom can disturb the entire interior of the bathroom, so it is better to cover something with something. Blind under the bathtub with their own hands can be a good option to solve this problem. Here are some tips from designer homeware companies for more home design ideas.

Which curtains are better to use?

You can close the space under the pipe with the help of prefabricated structures. The sliding curtain under the bathtub will be one of the most reliable and practical ways to decorate the room under the sanitary facilities. On the one hand, these devices are ideal for areas with limited space, and on the other hand, used under the devices for storing personal belongings, thirdly, due to the mobility of the doors, you can easily repair or replace the communication under the bathroom.

What characteristics are important?

The lower bathroom curtain can be made of a variety of materials. But each of them must have certain properties:

Resistance to moisture. The screen under the bathtub should not be afraid of water, because the bathroom is a place with high humidity. Textile products in this parameter are inferior to structures made of polymer materials;

Strength. Roller shutters for a PVC bathroom have the greatest resistance to mechanical influences, while polyester is very susceptible to this type of impact;

Light fastness. If there is a large window in the bathroom through which a lot of sunlight enters the room, the vinyl curtain under the bathroom will burn out very quickly and lose its appeal;

Configuration of piping. The shape and location of the sanitary ceramics largely determines the type of fixing curtain for the bathroom floor. Plastic structures are suitable for sanitary products of non-standard or round shape.

Advantages of curtains

The curtain under the bathroom has a number of advantages over the designs of other styles, underneath:

Easy installation and operation;

Affordable price;

The screen under the bathroom is suitable for installation with any configuration;

Free access to the space under the piping;

If there is a problem with the communication, it is not necessary to dismantle the structure;

The curtain under the bathroom with his own hands is made quite simple and without special financial investments.

What is the screen better than the screen?

The curtain under the bathtub instead of the screen is sometimes very suitable:

Among sanitary products of non-standard sizes, it is sometimes impossible to find a suitable screen;

Curtains are ideal for rooms where fabrics are designed with textile materials;

Own such products are much easier to make than the screen.

Ways of installation

The curtain itself is installed in different ways:

Tailpieces In order to facilitate the design, string fasteners are often used. But this method only makes sense if the piping has side walls under which you can easily hide the entire fastening structure;

Metal frame. Blind under the bathroom can be fixed with a metal rod that can be straight, round and oval. Such a cornice is coated with a special compound that is not suitable for corrosion. Therefore, designs on metal frames can take a long time;

Baguettes with nuts. Finished products of this type are sold in shops. They are often used when there is no desire to construct a fastening system yourself.

How do you make a curtain?

How to make a curtain for a bathroom without a lot of money? To create such a design you need:

Measuring tape for length measurement;

Household sewing machine;

Cornice or cord;

Fabric with special water-repellent impregnation.

Blind with your own hands under the bathtub can be installed after such preparatory steps have been carried out:

Measurements are made from the intended location using a measuring tape. For this purpose, the width and height of the space under the pipes are measured;

The parameters obtained are marked on the fabric;

Important! If you want the curtain not to hang in tension, but with a decorative bend. Multiply the width by a factor of 1.5-2.

At the top of the screen, hinges are placed one and a half centimeters apart;

When the blind is finished, you need to fix the screws in the walls next to the text for the covering;

Then attach the curtain under the bathtub to a cord attached to the built-in screws.

The photo shows one such installation option. As you can see, it is very easy to close the bathroom floor with a curtain and no special skills are required in construction. If you intend to cover the space under the pipes themselves, you prefer curtains.


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