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Street photography is becoming more and more common in the world of photography. Although it’s quite simple, there are some things you want to keep in mind when hunting for street photos. I would like to share with you some tips that will help you to take great street pictures. Well, they are here!

The crowd is your golden nugget.

The key to the success of street photography is people. This means that the more people you meet in an area, the better your chances are that you will see and capture the moment. That’s why it would be very helpful if you knew your area well.

Knowing your area, you know where the crowds are and you will know where to go to take street pictures. I’m not saying that you have to rely only on crowded places that you already know. In fact, sometimes a walk to random places can also be very rewarding.

One thing to remember is that hunting for pictures in a large area will overwhelm you. I suggest that you focus on a small section of the street or on the corner of each trip. Anyway, for the start, I would only plan my roamed route before I go out to take pictures. This will make my search more focused.

If you are new to your area, I suggest that you visit a social networking site and gather information about where people gather. Another alternative is simply to go and move around and see what the city has to offer.

Risk reward

Street photography is completely different from other types of photography. In street photography, in case you didn’t read my previous article, all the moments are captured as they are, spontaneously. Whatever happens in the frame is what really happens.

You may come across “golden” moments in street photography, such as gang fights, drug dealers, wars, etc., and you may find yourself in the middle of the picture. I would say that these things are super rare in street photography. But are they worth the effort? Such pictures can be taken in the studio with professional models.

Another moment when you should think twice before taking a picture is like changing a baby’s diaper by its mother. That’s right, do you really want to capture that moment?

Remember that street photography is also an art that needs to be done for aesthetic reasons.

Permission, law and copyrights

Do you really need permission from the people who take pictures? I don’t really tell people about their consent. You don’t need permission unless you are using the images for commercial purposes.

If you sell your photos, for example in microstock libraries, you need to get permission from the person you are taking the picture.

Commercial use also requires the removal of logos, brands and symbols. These things are protected by copyright and it is better to erase them or otherwise pay royalties for their commercial use.

In the case of a private collection or posting them on a private blog, you do not have to sign any statements. Photos are a manifestation of your own creative intelligence. You have full right to your creation.

What to do in confrontation

At some point you will find yourself in a situation where the person you are taking the picture is upset. The best answer you can give is smile. You don’t scam anyone. If she asks you to know what you are doing, just explain it humbly. You are an artist or photographer and tell the person that the pictures are for your own collection.

In most cases it is enough to just look at anything but the person. If a person calls the police, just explain that what you are doing is an art project or street photography. Because street photography says what is happening in a society as it is, you also need to explain what you are doing as it is. Be honest and in most cases you will be fine.

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