Office Move Checklist

A office move checklist is the best way to ensure a smooth removal. From moving the office to moving internationally, nothing can help you to maintain a better organisation than a moving checklist. Whether you decided to hire a removal specialist to take care of the removal or if you do it all yourself, the only way to do it all on time and within budget is to have an inclusive moving checklist to stay on the track. Therefore, finding or creating a good moving checklist is the first step to take in the face of an office transfer or international relocation.

Once you have a removal date, the next thing to do is to determine what you need to do before the removal of the truck show up at the door. Listing the details of the move will make it easier for you to prepare for the move. If you are not sure what to do first, start by listing everything you need to do. After that, you can change the order of the elements to best match the correct relocation time axis.

Of course, your moving checklist will vary depending on the type of move you are facing. Let’s take a look at the two most diverse types of removals you can meet – moving to an office and moving internationally.

Office relocation

An office move has a unique logistics set that requires a high level of organisation. If you are responsible for such relocation, you will want all department managers to be on your side. Make a mobile checklist that includes office equipment, employees, consumables, computers, removal companies, suppliers/customers/associates for connection, etc. Then all department managers take an inventory of their sections so that you are aware of what needs to be moved to the new location. This is a good time to weed out old office equipment and furniture and decide whether you will purchase new items or keep to the old ones. Then create a plan for how the move will take place. List each move on the moveable checklist with a time line when you expect these items to be realised. Remember that computers and office equipment should be the last to be disconnected and/or dismantled at the old location and the first things to be assembled back in the new location so that when workers arrive in the morning, they do not have to waste time setting up. As long as you carry your mobile checklist, no moves to the office will be too complicated.

International removal

An international move is also difficult to plan and therefore requires a good moving checklist to stay on track. Along with the usual rental of Movers and packing that needs to be done, you will also need to ensure that you have adequate documentation, visas, work permits and meet all the conditions required by the new country to enter legally. By using the moveable checklist and spreading out all the tasks on the timeline you will be able to get the documents, people moving and other items needed to facilitate your international traffic.


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