Changing Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle influences our health much more than genes do. In order to achieve physical changes, we have to change our lifestyle. But this is precisely where most people fail – despite their best intentions. A training plan, a diet or a change in diet are not enough. go4balance – a new, compact coaching method – helps people to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Why is it so difficult to change your lifestyle?

Body, mind and soul are one unit, are related to each other, influence each other and determine our well-being in their entirety. Therefore, purely “physical measures” are not enough to change habits and achieve health goals. The “inner piggy-back” will win.

There are main reasons why people find it so difficult to change their lifestyle:

  • Inner blockades and prohibitions through beliefs learned in childhood,
  • like, “I have to be considerate,” I’m unathletic”, “I can’t say ‘no'”, “You can’t have everything”, “It doesn’t work for me”.
  • People don’t (anymore) believe in their ability to change their behaviour.
  • People therefore do not know and use all their potentials.
  • People have unrealistic, unconcrete, unattractive goals and are always discouraged and demotivated by not reaching these goals.

What must happen so that people can change their lifestyle sustainably?

People must first become aware of their beliefs, behavioural patterns, values and “drivers”. That is why an “I-Inventur” is the first step. Because in order to be balanced and satisfied and to develop motivation, they must first know what is important to them. In this way, people willing to change get to know their potentials in order to be able to use them for their goals.

However, knowledge alone is not enough. They must come into action!
This happens most likely by using their own potentials – for self-defined, attractive, achievable, concrete goals. And by achieving success – even if it is very small. This creates motivation, lightness, joy of life and self-confidence. Then larger goals can be set, so that finally step by step long-awaited goals become reality: Health, physical fitness, vitality, youthfulness, well-being – and thus also a positive charisma, attractiveness and more success in all areas of life.

Man is a creature of habit – Why motivation alone is not enough

A trial lesson in the gym is easily implemented. The second and third hour are relatively easy. But what about afterwards? Motivation makes you start with something. But in order to really stay with the game, the first euphoria has to develop into a habit. But let’s start all over again.

Joy as the source of all motivation

The most important thing at the beginning is to find something that suits you, that gives you pleasure and that makes you think about your next workout. The more fun you have with the sport, the greater your motivation will be. There is such a wide, varied range for every age, every sporting preference and every individual goal. Find your personal fitness program and look forward to an hour offline, nice people and ultimately an improved quality of life. To put it in Mary Poppins’ words: “Because what you do full of joy tastes like cake to us”.

Soon it will be able to get you excited about the variety of courses in your area.

But what happens when the first surge of motivation subsides? What can I do to turn motivation into a habit and to integrate sport into my everyday life? This requires a vision, a goal that you can work towards.

Here are our tips for achieving your fitness goals:

  • A goal without a plan is a wish. So first set realistic and above all healthy goals and write them down. What exactly do you want to achieve: e.g. regular participation in 2 fitness courses per week, 10 km in a row jogging, losing 5 kg of weight or simply managing the 3 floors to your apartment without acute shortness of breath. By when would you like to reach these goals? Set an exact date or time span. Once the plan is set, you’re ready to go.
  • Be patient with yourself and your body. Nothing happens overnight.
  • Enjoy the path and be proud of what you have already achieved.
  • Record your progress – in numbers, photos, etc. – and share your successes.
  • Stay on the ball! Even if you doubt the reachability of your goals.
  • And when you have reached your goals, help others. Help them achieve their own goals, exchange tips and motivate each other.
  • Why everything is so much easier for two or in a group and why it’s so much fun, you’ll find out soon in a separate article.

This is how you prepare for fitness success

Get ready to tackle your fitness goals with these four simple tips
After a week’s holiday full of pleasure, you are particularly motivated (or guilty) to start a healthy lifestyle.

Notwithstanding this enthusiasm, most New Year resolutions fail by mid-February.

How can you change your success rate this year?

Start with habits

You should play the long game and use the minimum effective dose of diet and exercise to lose weight.

If the scope of your year-end training plan included frequent trips between the fridge and the couch, adopting The Rock’s routine is not a good idea.

Instead, take a 10-minute walk before bedtime.

The reason small changes work is because they bring in small profits that create dynamism.

Focus on one area of change at a time

If you focus on just one new habit at a time, they become second nature.

“Stop being perfect because you don’t want to fail,” says fitness coach BJ Ward of Born Fitness.

“And you know what?

“You don’t have to be perfect, but you have to keep recovering and coming back.

Make your good habits easy to reach up to that point and set up barriers to your bad habits.

For example, if you train first thing in the morning, put on your sportswear and put it on first.

At the other end of the spectrum, make it harder to go out for snacks at night by protecting the pantry from junk food or hiding the ice in the garage, not the kitchen.



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