Animal jealousy – causes and prevention

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The feeling of jealousy is not just reserved for people, and it is normal for a pet to experience jealousy sometimes when a new family member comes to you.

Animals are beings that feel and experience emotions, just like humans, so jealousy in animals is normal. This feeling can occur: either between two dogs, when a stranger visits the house, or when a child is born. Today we will give you some tips on how to prevent and neutralize jealousy in animals.

Jealousy in pets – the reasons for it

Whether or not jealousy appears in animals cannot be determined until there is a confrontational situation. In general, animals are accustomed to the presence of other beings, but sometimes they cannot hold back their jealousy of them.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that being a Golden Retriever or Boxer is enough to make your pet feel jealous. It is important to train – whether your dog has received the right training or does not have a big influence on their posture.

If your dog is raised as a puppy at home and you suddenly have a baby, he’ll probably feel abandoned or rejected.

The same can happen if the family adopts another new pet: the newcomer becomes the culprit of the dog owner’s lack of attention and care. In such cases, there is additional competition to prove who is the favorite or to determine who “deserves” the most love and tenderness.

Jealousy in pets – tips on how to avoid it

Animals may not be able to speak, but they can understand a lot. So if your pet is jealous, you will notice some changes in his attitude. For example, he will feel irritability, apathy, anxiety, sadness and rebellious attitude.

It is also likely that your pet will destroy its toys or bed, urinate in prohibited areas, and want to attack the alleged threat.

Here are a few tips that can help you and your dog reduce their sense of envy and strengthen them in your feelings.

Spend time with Him or with her

If you have recently given birth to a baby, it is much harder to spend time with your pet (or with anything other than your newborn baby). However, it is important that you take a few minutes to play with your kitten or at least to put her down for a while.

For example, before going to bed, lie down on the sofa and let your pet sit on her knees or lie down at your feet. It would be even better if you could throw him a ball or a wooden stick so he could have some fun, but the most important thing is that your pet knows you’re taking care of him.

Introduce a new family member

It is very important to introduce the new animal or baby you are introducing home to everyone. Let your pet meet a new visitor and spend some time together. This will help your dog get used to it.

If jealousy becomes a problem because you have adopted a different dog or cat, do everything you can to make sure that each of them has a designated place and thing: two beds, two bowls for food, two similar toys, two leashes, etc., then you can make sure that your dog or cat does not get jealous.

Divide your time between the two creatures as well. They will be able to share their things in the future, but it is best to do so at first to avoid problems.

Enforce your authority

Don’t feel guilty for being jealous of your pet: it’s a normal part of your pet’s development and eventually the bad mood’s way through. If you don’t pay enough attention to your dog, he or she will notice this weakness and ask you for more attention and fun.

Never let an animal “do what it wants”, just because it is sad. On the contrary, your pet must continue to follow your instructions as always. This way your pet will realize that you are still the boss.

Avoid direct competition

If your dog is very territorial, it’s not a good idea to bring another pet to your house because it’s just going to create jealousy between them. However, you can sterilize the animals and thus reduce any associated inconvenience in this hormonal jealousy.

Finally, do not treat your pets a little differently, because believe it or not, they notice everything.

Both are equal in your eyes, and this should be perceptible: if you give one dog a toy, you must also give one to the other; if you take one for a walk, the other should accompany you, or be taken for a separate walk; if you play with one dog, the other may want to participate, etc. The other should be the same as the other.


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