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Don’t you have an upper limit on your free money? Looking for a business idea with low initial capital? We have prepared an idea for you that fits perfectly into the framework presented above. Starting an online shop is a great solution for people with a small wallet or who do not want to risk all their savings. How much does it cost to set up and run an e-shop below?

How much does it cost to set up a shop?

This question is puzzling to everyone who is considering setting up an e-activity with a small financial contribution. It is not necessary to invest a lot of cash right at the start, you can do it in direct proportion to the time you operate on the e-commerce market.

Setting up a website on a shop platform will reduce the initial costs spent on individual software.

The first step is to register a domain. It’s easy to find companies that offer this service for the first year for free. In the next stage, test the e-commerce software, you can do it free of charge in Sky-Shop for 14 days. If you have no objections after this period, and we are sure that this will be the case, you will have to pay a subscription fee.

The first one, Startup, can be purchased in the amount of only PLN 69 per month.

Save on the configuration of the e-shop

The online subscription shop is the ideal solution for businesses with little initial input. This solution will allow you to skip the additional costs that occur in the case of open source software. Choosing an apparently free application you will have to pay for the services of a programmer, which are not cheap. All functions, server, and domain purchases are also subject to a fee. The possibility of an online shop operating on software that gives more and more functionalities at the same amount is good news, right?

In Sky-Shop.pl all necessary integrations for your e-business are included in the subscription price. You can combine your online shop with couriers, payment systems, price comparison and online accounting, among other things.

Please also note that in the configuration of the e-shop on the SaaS software you do not need the help of a programmer. You can cope with the whole process on your own with just a few clicks. If you need additional technical support for the operation and configuration of your shop, you have the option of free technical support via a hotline and Sky-Shop email, where you will have to pay a fee if you have an open source service.

Free graphic design

The professional graphic design of an online shop is a key element in attracting buyers’ attention. Our specialists have prepared two solutions for you. You can choose a responsive, modern, and mobile graphics template. The second, free variant is the Shop Template Wizard – for people who want to start a business with small initial capital. With its help, you can easily adjust the visual setting to your idea.

When your online store becomes profitable, we suggest you order an individual graphic design that will help you create a brand and stand out from the competition.

Costs of running an online store

We have noticed the cost of opening the re-operations, but in order to confirm the belief that it is an ideal business idea with a small financial outlay, you should consider what kind of expenses are waiting for you while running the e-operator. This depends on several factors.

The guarantee of profits of the e-shop is the promotion of your brand. The cost of conducting business will depend to a large extent on the advertising methods you choose.

Another factor that determines the cost of running an online store is the type of industry in which you operate. Choose an e-business that will need less money to start it up. We tell you that handmade is a good choice – thanks to your own works you can conquer the e-market at minimal cost. What can you create with your own hands? Children’s clothes, books, paintings or cups. There is no shortage of ideas in this area.


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