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Good Finance is a product of the Sociedad Fast Fast Finance SLU, although its parent company is Good Corp, a globally recognized company that has specialized in the granting of microcredits.

What to know about Good Finance micro loans?

What to know about Good Finance micro loans?

  • Petition and processing totally online.
  • You will not need a payroll or an endorsement for your request to be accepted. Yes you must show that you have monthly income.
  • You can get a maximum of € 1,000 and a minimum of € 50.
  • The return period is between 7 and 30 days.
  • Minimum APR: 3112.60%. Maximum APR: 5431.20%. Example: for a loan of € 300 payable in 30 days, the customer must return a total of € 399, so the corresponding APR is 3112.60%.
  • It is possible to defer payment for 7 days (commission of 15% of the total amount pending), 14 days (commission of 20% of the total amount pending) or 30 days (commission of 28% of the total amount pending) .
  • If you do not pay the loan, they will incur a commission of 1.1% on what is left unpaid for each day of delay, up to a maximum of 200%.

How does the Good Finance micro loan work?

How does the Good Finance micro loan work?

The micro loans of this entity are perfect to solve an urgent need for money.

Good Finance works with a system that can automatically accept your credit request, which can lead you to have the money in your account in a few minutes. If after 15 minutes you do not receive an answer, it may be that the automatic systems have rejected your credit and it will be the Good Finance workers who will analyze your case manually. This could delay the receipt of money. In any case and in case of any doubt, you can contact them and they will help you solve all your doubts.




  • Virtually immediate response, automatic reviews are performed in 10 minutes.
  • Application and processing totally online
  • No commissions for early return .
  • Without payroll or guarantee.
  • It allows to obtain a wide quantity. Up to € 1000 from the first credit.


  • You do not have first free credit like other entities
  • High equivalent annual rate.
  • It allows you to defer payment but charges you a commission.
  • Does not accept ASNEF.
  • Your credit is limited to € 1000, there is no possibility to extend it even if you are already a customer.

How to look for pet insurance?


The pet sector is a business anywhere in the world. In Spain alone, the annual value of the pet industry exceeds 1.3 billion euros and although much of that money is spent on pet food, approximately 25% will be spent on veterinary bills. We tell you how to find the best pet insurance.

Veterinary care can be quite expensive, since for our furry friends there is no social security system as such, and the costs must be paid in full. Therefore, as for people we pay our taxes to be able to be treated in public health, or even pay additional medical insurance, it makes sense to do the same for pets, that is, to hire medical insurance.

Pet insurance plans vary

Pet insurance plans vary

As with other types of policies, such as home or car insurance, pet insurance plans can vary greatly. Some plans will cover all invoices, while others will only cover part of the costs. As with any other type of insurance, pet insurance should be carefully considered so that you understand exactly what is covered.

If you have more than one pet, look for multiple insurance offers


If you have several pets, insurers are likely to offer you discounted rates if you insure them all under the same policy. Remember that different pets may need different plans, but if you intend to insure several animals the insurers will be happy to adapt the policies to their needs.

The microchip often reduces costs

The microchip often reduces costs

If your pet has a microchip, it is much less likely to be stolen, and is much more likely to be returned if it is lost. For this reason, putting a chip on your pet often significantly reduces insurance premiums. If you add to this the fact that your pet is safer, the chip is a good option.

All types of animals are covered

When we think of pet insurance, our mind immediately goes to dogs and cats. However, insurers offer protection for a wide range of animals, from lizards to horses, so you can find a policy that suits the type of pets you have. If you have an exotic or unusual animal, it is more important if you can compare prices, as insurers are likely to raise the premium for special needs.

What is Vizminda Credit and how does it work?

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The Vizminda Fund is an initiative framed within the economic program of Peru. One of its objectives is to facilitate the acquisition of social interest housing, through the so-called Vizminda Credit. In this article you can know what it is and how it works.


What is the Vizminda Credit?

credit loan

The Vizminda Credit aims to finance the acquisition and construction of social housing in Peru. It is a product of the Vizminda Fund, which is registered with the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation. The State (through COFIDE), financial institutions and the private construction sector participate in this fund.

To qualify for the Vizminda credit you must meet the following requirements:

  • You, your spouse or partner or your minor children, cannot own another home in any location in Peru.
  • You must be of legal age, regardless of your marital status.
  • You must be qualified as a credit subject by the financial institution that allows you to opt for the credit.
  • You or your spouse cannot have acquired a home financed with BONAVI resources. This even when you do not currently own it.
  • You must have a capital equivalent to 10% of the price of the house. You can cover this amount with the value of the land.


How does the Vizminda Credit work?

How does the Vizminda Credit work?

The Vizminda Credit is a mortgage loan that allows the acquisition of homes in project, construction or already built. The financing is for homes whose price is between 57,500 soles and 304,100 soles, including the cost of the land. The term of payment of this credit varies from a minimum of five to a maximum of twenty-five years.

This loan has significant advantages over traditional mortgage loans, being you.

  • The payment quota remains unchanged over time; that is, you always cancel the same amount,
  • You can make advance payments without implying the application of any penalty.
  • You opt for the so-called good payer bonus , which is a direct and non-refundable subsidy. This provided that they meet the timely payment of their fees.

Calculate and apply for a payday loan

How does a payday loan work?

How does a personal loan work?

A payday loan is a loan with a fixed interest rate and a fixed term between 1 and 10 years. You receive the money in one go to your account. You then pay a fixed monthly amount until the end of the term. How much you can borrow responsibly depends on your income, fixed costs and personal circumstances. At CashMore you can borrow a minimum of € 5,000 and a maximum of € 50,000.

Why a payday loan?

Why a personal loan?

With a payday loan, the interest rate and the term are fixed. This way you know exactly when the loan will expire and what you pay each month. That provides certainty. The entire loan amount is deposited directly into your account. This gives you immediate access to your money. There is another benefit. If you pay extra, the term will be shorter. This also means that you cannot withdraw repaid amounts. And if you use the loan for a renovation of your owner-occupied home, you may benefit from tax benefits. The tax authorities or your tax adviser can tell you more about this.

How do you pay off a payday loan?

How do you pay off a personal loan?

You repay an agreed amount each month. This is called the monthly amount or the monthly period. This consists of interest and repayment. You can choose the monthly amount yourself. With a payday loan from CashMore you can borrow a minimum of € 5,000 and a maximum of € 50,000.

Are you eligible for a payday loan?

Are you eligible for a personal loan?

There are a few conditions. You can take out a payday loan from the age of 21 to a maximum of 64 years. It is also a condition that you live in the Netherlands and have an EU nationality or permanent residence permit. With a temporary contract it is also possible to borrow from CashMore. Transferring your current loan (s) to CashMore is also possible.

Mini Loans – Borrow € 1500

Applying for a mini loan often has a lot of feet in the ground. Before the money is in your account, the necessary days have usually already passed. That can be annoying: especially when you want to have a financial boost as quickly as possible. Are there no options to have a loan of a few hundred euros within 24 hours? Yes certainly! And one of those options is offered by Bankate.

Bankate Group

Bankate Group mini loans Providers of so-called mini-loans are often rather dubious institutions where it is not so easy for the average borrower to find out how the company works. Bankate is a nice exception to this because this financier is known for its transparency. The Bankate Group was originally established in Finland, and currently this lender is the European market leader. The fact that Bankate has been active since 2005 does indicate that this is a reliable supplier of mini loans. In addition, Bankate has been listed on the DAX in Frankfurt since 2015; a fact that makes the reliability of this company even greater.

Mini loan with guarantee

Mini loan with guarantee

In order to ensure that the mini-loan runs smoothly from two sides (this provider naturally also wants the loan to be paid back), a so-called ‘guarantee’ is used. You take out a guarantee by, for example, letting a family member act as a guarantor. If you do not have the option of repaying yourself, the outstanding amount will be recovered from the guarantor (in this case the family member).

However, if you do not want to have family members or friends as guarantors, for example because you think they do not need to know that you are borrowing money, you can choose to have the Global Guarantee company act as guarantor. If you choose the option to leave a Global Guarantee, this company will charge a guarantee price. When you take out a mini loan with, you can see during the closing process how high the guaranteed price is if you leave the Global Guarantee guaranteed.

Rules for the mini-loan Bankate

The duration of the loan at Bankate strongly depends on the amount that you want to borrow. If you want to borrow a relatively small amount (for example 100 euros) you can choose between a term of 15 or 30 days. If you want to borrow 400 euros or more, a term of 15 days is no longer possible and is a minimum of 30 days.

With a loan amount of 600 euros or more, the term is 45 days anyway. If you are borrowing from Bankate for the first time, you can ‘only’ request the amount of 400 euros. Pay attention! An application of 400 euros does not mean that Bankate will actually lend you this amount. With a first application, a credit assessment is carried out whereby the risk of over-crediting is excluded.

To check the bank account number, Bankate transfers 0.01 euros if you have an account with SOJ Nuf. If you have an account with another bank, you must transfer 0.01 euros to test your bank account. You can apply for the actual loan on the Bankate website where you will be guided through a clear step-by-step plan. In most cases, the money in the case of the first loan will be in your bank account within 24 hours. If you have borrowed from this provider more than once, the transaction is usually completed within half an hour. Of course, it depends on the processing time of your bank within which period you can dispose of the money.

 Mini loan without BKR Registration is Possible

What is a mini loan without BKR? Most people have probably heard the abbreviation BKR. These three letters are usually mentioned when it comes to borrowing. But what is the BKR, and what do they have to do with loans? The BKR is the Credit Registration Office in Tiel. Almost all credits that are taken out in the Netherlands are registered here. This applies to credit cards, online purchases that you pay later, personal loans and revolving credits. That registration takes place is not that special and certainly not something that you should be concerned about. That will change if you receive a negative note from the BKR.

A negative note means that you have incurred payment arrears somewhere and that is seen by the BKR. The negative note actually says, “This is an unreliable consumer.” That comment is of course very brief, but unfortunately many financial institutions, for example banks, take this comment from the BKR extremely seriously. The result is that a bank does not want to provide you with a personal loan or revolving credit if you have a negative note.

But now we come to the mini loan without BKR! This is because the mini loan is just about the only loan that can be taken out without a BKR check. A mini loan without BKR is in fact smaller than 1000 euros and because there is no legal obligation to do a check below 1000 euros, this is not done by the providers of mini loans.

Mini loan without BKR Applications

Mini loan without BKR Applications

With a mini loan without BKR, the provider never asks for your status at the BKR, so if you do not have a negative BKR registration, you will not be treated differently from someone who does. What is the reason for taking out a mini loan while you might also be able to take out a loan at your bank? These reasons can be varied.

For example, because you don’t feel like showing your pay slip as a bank employee, or because you need an amount very quickly (within a few minutes). If you are not in a hurry and giving up some privacy is not such a problem, you are usually cheaper at a bank. Probably the reason you are on this page is that you just don’t want a BKR check at all. And that is the nice thing about a mini loan: the reason does not matter, a BKR check is not done anyway.

Mini loan applications and a negative BKR registration

Mini loan applications and a negative BKR registration

If you have a negative BKR registration, the mini loan can be the way to borrow money. Amounts that you can borrow with a personal loan from a bank are much larger than the amounts of a mini loan, but thanks to the employees of the BKR, a personal loan is simply not possible. Keep in mind that a mini loan without BKR is one of the more expensive loan variants.

The transaction costs that the provider applies can be quite substantial. In addition, the fact that you have a negative BKR registration already indicates that you had difficulty paying back a loan at least once in your life. Make sure that this does not happen with your mini-loan because the costs that are then charged are really very high.

Some of the disadvantages of the mini-loan have been mentioned, but of course there are advantages as well. For example, the mini loan without BKR is often the only way to borrow money at all with a negative BKR registration and besides that no questions are asked at all. Whether or not you are in the system of the Credit Registration Office does not matter to the provider. So you can keep that to yourself. And now say for yourself: privacy in this area is also worth something.

Keys to apply for a mortgage loan as a couple

marriage loan

For many, the goal of homeownership is still pending and that the purchase of a property can strengthen their assets and generate more financial security for the future.

Many people who are thinking of applying for a loan this year, think about doing it with their partner, mainly because when taking into account the income of the whole family, the chances of qualifying are greater. Then, when applying for the loan with your partner, it will appear as a co-debtor.

But before doing so it is recommended that you consider certain key points:


Review credit histories

Review credit histories

Something you should consider is that not only will your credit history be reviewed, but also that of your partner. So, if you currently have many debts, or have not had a good behavior with your previous credits, there are likely to be problems.


Evaluate the situation in the future

Evaluate the situation in the future

If they plan to have family then it is necessary to consider it in the dimensions of the property they are looking for, because the idea is that they can settle there. Also, be sure to put your partner as a co-debtor only if it is a stable and mature relationship, so many headaches will be avoided.


Be honest about the money you can contribute

Be honest about the money you can contribute

They need to evaluate the budget and be aware of how much money each can contribute to cover the monthly fee. In this way, they will not run the risk of asking for something they cannot afford.


Seek to give a high initial fee

Seek to give a high initial fee

At a minimum, it must be 30%, but if both combine their savings it is possible to achieve a greater amount. If they can do so, they will make the credit smaller and therefore, there will be less interest.

Something that they should not forget is that there are additional expenses to the credit that yes or yes they should cancel, so it will be necessary to consider it within the budget.

The Guide to Credit Redemption

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As holders of real estate loans, consumer loans or cash loans, you have the option of transferring your debt to another bank . The procedures and conditions of such operations may vary considerably. To help you better understand the particular area of ​​credit restructuring , your broker Mayan Consulta offers you a handy guide to buying back credit.

With this guide, find out about this financial solution, find out if it’s right for you, and under what circumstances credit buy-back can be a cost-effective solution.


How to get a credit redemption?

credit redemption

To better understand the virtues of a pool of credits, a minimum of knowledge of the different practices and forms of restructuring of loans is necessary. If the concept of buyback loans is new to you, you will find the definition of this term as well as a general view of the different types of loan consolidation in the introduction to the repurchase of credit.

To fully understand the costs involved in the credit restructuring transaction, the application fee, the brokerage fee or the early redemption fee, refer to the Credit Redemption Fees section.

To find out what are the required documents required to complete your loan consolidation application file, consult the article: vouchers to build a complete file and obtain a favorable opinion.


Credit surrender conditions

credit problem

Before you decide to transfer your credit to another bank, you have to ask yourself what you want to achieve through such an operation. Determine if your priority is to extend the loan repayment period , or if you want to get a credit with a lower monthly payment by lowering the margins, or if you need the availability of an envelope of cash .

Discover all the advantages of buying credit to better understand its interest, and whether it can lead to the improvement and control of your personal or family budget. A pool of credits is often a viable and sustainable financial solution, which can facilitate the management of your current account by collecting a single monthly payment, adapted to your ability to repay.


The expertise of your broker Mayan Consulta

credit expert

Do you think that your budgetary situation needs to be reconsidered? Do not hesitate to contact a financial advisor specializing in the redemption of credits for a free, non-binding study .

The private individual is often not in a position to carry out a loan buy-back exercise to the best of his or her ability, without having first sought the advanced knowledge of a professional in the sector. Your credit builder Mayan Consulta Conseil has expertise in negotiation techniques to obtain, from the largest specialized institutions, the solution, assessment is appropriate to your financial statement.